Cat in the Cupboard

“the spirit and imagination of the show is really fantastic. I love the scripting and the rhyming and the creativity of it is perfect for the age group” (Lynette Shanbury, Executive Director, Spare Tyre)

“I thought it was purrrr-fect!” (Yolo, aged 7 – audience feedback, Little Angel)

“The show is full of delight and energy, it’s lovely” (Rachel Warr, Artistic Director, Dotted Line Theatre)

“I liked it when the cat grew and grew and grew and grew…” (Sophia, aged 6 – audience feedback, Little Angel)



When five year old Linnet is asked to look after David Bowie the cat, Ms B gives her strict instructions not to overfeed him.  But the cat’s a winsome creature who’s hard to say no to, and Linnet finds herself giving him just one small extra scoop of cat food.  And a few biscuits.  And an extra treat… To her horror, David Bowie begins to grow…

Cat in the Cupboard explores the imagination and sense of responsibility of a very young child using poetry, puppetry and some very large felines.  For 4 – 7 year olds, and anyone that likes giant expanding cats.